We help businesses become more effective through the following SEVENTWENTY products

Effective HR Outsource

Integrate SEVENTWENTY’s existing core talent services into your business with all or a meaningful progressional suite of products from the Effectiveness Product Hierarchy below.

Effective Leadership

We review the effective status of the current leader/leadership team approach against desired KPIs and future engagement state. We assess effectiveness of vision, CVP against Tier 1 KPIs.

Effective Communication

We apply & augment relevant insights/data from Leadership stage to create strategic/executional blueprints & templates that will enable the Leadership team to improve delivery against its defined engagement KPIs and support the defined Vision/CVP and business plan.

Effective Performance

We apply & augment relevant insights/data from Communications stage. We define and set up relevant Operational and Communications tracking and reporting tools/systems to monitor and enhance effective performance against relevant KPIs. Achieve Leadership consensus on defined business plan and targets.

Effective Culture

We apply & augment relevant insights/data from the Communications stage with a fully functioning, high performance leadership team now active. We create an effective Gestalt form, where all company talent in your business combine to create an effective talent-centric organisational culture.

Effective Customer Development

We integrate people-centric Tech & Data Platforms and Focused Plans to shift inward focus to outward customer focus, and refine partnership development & progression. We help you refine your sales and marketing strategies to effectively reach maturely defined Tier 1, 2 & 3 KPIs.

Effective Talent Development

We integrate a total talent-centric effectiveness process to drive your ongoing business targets. We help you create, manage & maintain a 3-horizon talent mapping plan covering existing talent upskilling, effective, fluid, agile talent profile mapping to become a known Employer of Choice.