We use precision data, technology, purpose, and talent, to make you effective.

We exist to break new ground in making businesses more effective through data science, strategy, coaching and talent expertise.

As businesses seek to fully benefit from the latent value of existing talent or escape the talent gap hindering their development, ST’s heritage and expertise in talent-centric strategic partnerships allows us to take the next step in data driven, analytical talent-centric performance science to boost clients’ businesses commercial effectiveness.


How we work

Talent is the central pivot, with the three key service pillars of the SEVENTWENTY business being Leadership, Culture and Technology/Data. Communication links these to form the glue between effective talent and effective businesses.

By taking a great existing business and testing the relative strengths of these core pillars in our client operations, we can thus hone in on the key areas we can use talent to improve the overall effectiveness of their business.

We need to get under the bonnet of your business to see what is driving that performance, why your business is effective and where it can be enhanced both now and in the future.


SEVENTWENTY takes a holistic view of all of the elements that make up a high performing business. We examine where we can make the most impact to increase overall effectiveness, then apply the appropriate strategy and services to drive that business to its full potential. 

The view is then to build a 3-horizon talent strategy to make sure this is true of your business now AND in the medium and long term. Flexible, agile and effective to meet the demands of today’s ever changing business conditions and customer needs, wants and expectations.

Case Studies

Your Team

Allen Smith
CEO - Founder
Glynn Honey
Head of Effectiveness
Gunn Kannikar
Managing Partner - Perth
Rasa Volodko
Talent Resourcer
Mike Rubio
Senior Career Advisor

Some of our partners include